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IPGAP: Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program

Upcoming Trainings
Annual Spring Problem Gambling Workshop
This Annual Spring Problem Gambling Workshop will be March 21-22, 2018 in Indianapolis and will be the event related to problem gambling awareness month.
CEU: 12

This Annual Spring Problem Gambling Workshop will be in Greenwood, IN.  The agenda will be as follows:

March 21, 2018

7:30-8:15         Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30-10:00       Dr. David Rosmarin – Spirituality and Mental Health

10:00-10:15     Break

10:15-11:30     Dr. David Rosmarin

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-2:30         Recovery Panel

2:30-2:45         Break - Cookies

2:45-4:15         Recovery Panel and Open Discussion on Treatments Used


March 22, 2018

7:30-8:30           Registration and Full Breakfast

8:30-10:00        Renee Siegel – Incorporating a Strength Based Wellness Approach to Recovery

10:00-10:15      Break

10:15-11:30      Renee Siegel

11:45-12:45      Lunch

12:45-2:15        Renee Siegel

2:15-2:30          Break – Chips and Salsa

2:30-4:00          Renee Siegel


“What’s Wellness Got to do with it”


Course Description:

Incorporating wellness practices in medical and behavioral healthcare has grown in recognition as being important. As time goes on, we also have a better understanding of how our body must work collaboratively with our emotions and thoughts to bring healing to our lives. Taking a wellness approach to treatment is also empowering to our patients and clients because they can better realize that their care is in their hands as well as their healthcare practitioners. This leads to patients and clients taking a greater role in their personal responsibility in their healing journey.

In this day-long presentation, you will be introduced to one tool that you can incorporate into your work with your clients and patients. With the use of the 12-Dimensional Wellness Wheel with the client/patient as the central dimension, along with a strength-based wellness assessment, the clinician can partner with clients and patients to make deliberate and better choices in the wellness journey.

Learning objectives:

  1. Participants will better understand the concept of wellness and the benefits of use in their practice.
  2.  Participants will be introduced to a strength-based wellness assessment.
  3. Participants will be able to identify the importance of a multi-dimensional wellness approach to dealing with substance use and gambling or other process addictions.


Renee Siegel has been working in the helping professional field for 38 years. Originally educated as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she went on to obtain several degrees and certifications designed to assist clients in their journey to “wholeness”. Renee firmly believes in the interconnected of all systems - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as important to recovery from all disorders. Renee has worked in various treatment settings. Renee has taught and trained nationally and internationally on topics ranging from addictions, wellness and relationships. She uses a strength-based approach and the enneagram as the hub of her work with others.

Youth and Gambling
Online Training
CEU: 1

Course Direction

This course is a look into youth and the ways and statistics surrounding possible gambling related activities. It is designed for professionals and students in many fields, including gambling prevention, health care, mental health, justice/legal, education, substance abuse prevention, and public health. Objectives include:

  • Understand why youth get involved with gambling
  • Learn the age restrictions of gambling in Indiana
  • Learn about the types of gambling in which youth participate
  • Recognize any potential warning signs or symptoms
  • Identify what can be done to prevent youth gambling
Gambling and The Military
Online Training
CEU: 3
Problem Gambling: A Guide for Treatment Center Employees
Online Training (18 min)
CEU: none

This is a basic orientation to problem gambling for those working in the field of addictions treatment and prevention. This presentation will also provide useful information for those working in treatment centers but not directly with clients.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Definitions and Terms
  • History of legal gambling in Indiana
  • Treatment efforts in Indiana
  • How you can help
  • Resources available

There are no CEU's awarded for this fifteen minute presentation. This presentation does satisfy basic orientation to problem gambling requirements for certain organizations in Indiana.

What is Motivational Interviewing? An Introduction
Webinar (1 hr 9 min)
What is SBIRT?
Webinar (44 minutes)
Gambling Addiction: A Family Affair
Online Training (1 hr 14 min)
CEU: 1
Moving Toward Best Practices: Reviewing the Implications of the Latest Research and Innovative Programming
Online Training (1 hr 51 min)
CEU: 2
What is New in Working with Gamblers: From Prevention to Reducing Barriers
Online Training (1 hr 45 min)
CEU: 2
Role of Cognitive Distortion in Compulsive Gambling: It's all about fantasy
Online Training (1 hr 41 min)
CEU: 2
Gambling 101
Online Training (23 minutes)
CEU: 1
This is an introductory overview of problem gambling. This presentation will provide a basic overview of gaming addiction, including types and levels of gambling problems. You will learn about the warning signs of problem gambling and causes of relapse.

- Provide an overview of gambling addiction
-Identify types/levels of gambling problems
-Describe warning signs, relapse causes, conditions and signs
-To give you hope that there is help if you need help.

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Gambling in Indiana: The Basics of Legal Gambling
Online Training (25 minutes)
CEU: 1
This training providers an overview of the legal types of gambling in Indiana and the basics on how the games are played. This training is designed to give those working in the field basic knowledge on the types of gambling being played by clients.

Learning Objectives:
After this course, you should be able to:
- Describe the history of Indiana casinos, race tracks, and lottery
-Explain the basic rules of each game
- Define at least five terms associated with the different forms of legal gambling

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If I can't balance my checkbook, how can I help you balance yours?
Jerry Bauerkemper BS, CCGC
Online Training (2 Hr 20 Min)
CEU: 3
Participants will develop an understanding of the role of money vs. action in problem gamblers, the importance of finances in the diagnostic criteria for problem gambling and creating budgets for gamblers. This session features extensive experiential exercises to raise the comfort level of clinicians when dealing with client's financial issues.
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Course Materials and Forms
Spirituality and Addictions Treatment
Rev. Janet Jacobs, Director of Gambling Recovery Ministries
Online Training (45 minutes)
CEU: 1
Research has indicated that among individual protective factors is religiosity, or the participation in religious activities and the personal attitudes a person may have toward religious or spiritual practices. Thus utilizing one’s spirituality to cope with life issues appears to correlate with experiencing benefits to their health and well-being. As a source of comfort and relief from stress, spirituality - regardless of religious (or non-religious) affiliation - serves as an integral part of many recovery-from-addiction types of programs. Expanding the concept of spirituality to include personal values clarification, choices and responsibilities, treatment programs can open discussion on a variety of topics, such as individual belief systems, virtues, prayer, meditation, surrendering one’s personal will to a higher power (as the person understands this term), forgiveness, and discerning one’s purpose in life.

Learning Objectives:
- To gain knowledge about the role of spirituality in the life of a recovering person and how it can positively impact his/her life
- To define and be able to identify various spiritual coping modes and to understand how each may affect the recovery process.
- To become familiar with the 12 Steps Program, in general, and to recognize the issues an individual in recovery may face with regard to spiritual surrender (Steps 2 and 3), as well as, to understand how spiritual surrender serves as an integral step within the process of recovery

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Women and Problem Gambling
Rev. Janet Jacobs, Director of Gambling Recovery Ministries
Online Training (26 minutes)
CEU: 1
There is much in today’s society for women to experience the recognized risk factors that may contribute to problem gambling development. One of the fastest, growing forms of addiction in the U.S. is compulsive gambling in women over the age of 50. This session provides both a broad view of women and problem gambling, as well as, several specific looks at individual stories of recovery, and methods to help recovering women gamblers. The goal of this presentation is to both broaden the understanding of the disorder of compulsive gambling and to be able to communicate more effectively with women who are affected, directly or indirectly by problem gambling.

Learning Objectives:
- To identify the common - and several uncommon - characteristics of female gamblers
- To understand more clearly gender-specific issues associated with female escape gamblers, such as experiences of abuse, care-giving demands, and emotional issues with regard to autonomy and rebellion
- To gain knowledge of treatment approaches as well as Twelve Step Programs, with specific attention to female gamblers

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